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Georgian Culture

Georgia – a country of fairy and legends. Here you can take a deep breath and feel the uniqueness of being of human, here you will have special sense of beauty and importance.
Georgia is a country of ancient history and culture.
Lots of ways between Europe and Asia meet here, so the influence is great but visitors take much experience from Georgian people as well.  
Many ethnos and nations have their own original culture, many of them were destroyed but Georgia and Georgian culture is still alive.

In Georgia almost all types of culture are developed. Georgia is famous for its fine jewelry, engraving, armory, painting, glazed ceramics and icon painting. More from these arts are still developing. Goldsmith in Georgia reached highest stage of development.
Enamel was used for decoration religious and secular purpose and still nowadays, Georgian masters continue applying the enameling techniques.

The most famous cultural destinations for visitors are Georgian folklore.

There aren’t many countries in the world that has such a great polyphonic music and breathtaking dance.
Georgian even went to war singing and dancing and music is settled on patriotic sense of people.
In 2001 the UNESCO recognized Georgian song as a masterpiece of heritage.
Each part has its unique polyphonic style.
The most well-known example of the patriotic song “Chakrulo” was chosen to send in the space.

All are beautiful in Georgia but the most interesting and extraordinary is Georgian folk dance.

When you look at surprising women dancing and flying men on the stage you realize that it cannot be done by anyone else like Georgians because the inner strength, the undefeated spirit can come only from a gene that was gained and developed for centuries.
Only this gene can create a magnificent monuments and masterpieces of art that was presented by people for centuries.
Georgian national performing art and traditions are preserved and passed through generations and these traditions talk a lot about Georgian people’s history and soul. Listening songs and watching dance fills you up with emotions and you want to talk only about this.
Just close your eyes and imagine the depth of Georgian culture.