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Resorts of Georgia

Georgia … Such a small country, and at the same time has a very rich medicinal, recreational, leisure resorts. Varied climate, the landscape, flora and fauna, high mountains, streams, rivers and waterfalls, cold and hot mineral springs, and all this combined creates the perfect conditions for resorts in many places. In Georgia, you can relax in the summer, and in winter resorts.

Especially popular is summer holiday on the Black Sea coast is the resort of Batumi, Kobuleti Anaklia. Healing properties: the sea, the climate, the sun and the abundance of chemical elements. For those who worry joints and rheumatism are Ureki, Grigoleti and where sandy beach full of magnet.

Georgia is rich with  hot and cold mineral water, consequently, there are many resorts. There are resorts as drinking mineral water (Borjomi, Sairme, Likani Tsagveri, Nabeglavi, etc.), as well as resorts sulfur mud baths.(Axtala, Goris Jvari, Tsyaltubo..)

Particularly attractive  is  amazing ski resorts, Bakuriani, Gudauri, Svaneti. Amazing climate, high mountains, fresh air, crystal clear snow, all this makes this place memorable.

Georgia is a place, where you can relax on the sea or in the mountains, in summer or winter. Its resorts are unique, magical, beautiful. This little piece of heaven … Probably not for nothing it is said that it is a country of Holy Mother … Georgia calls you! .