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Regions of Georgia

Georgia – one of the oldest countries in the world which has a rich tradition and cultural heritage. There is home welcoming, hospitable people. Georgia is worldwide known for its tradition of hospitality. It is home welcoming, hospitable people. Georgia is worldwide known for its tradition of hospitality. They always give to drink wine for any meal, while asking a toast for peace and for Georgia . Toast in Georgia is like story which helps to know a lot about a person and develop respect for people. It is impossible to imagine Georgia without wine. This whole culture has passed through the centuries. Georgia is divided into regions, they are very interesting . Each of them has its own history, its own characteristics and traditions.

The Georgian map includes – 10 regions (including Abkhazia, which is occupied y territory) and one autonomous republic –Adjara.
Shida Kartli – the center is the city of Gori. Here are the important roads that link the many areas of the country.
Kvemo Kartli – the administrative center of Rustavi. Is located south-west from Tbilisi. It shares borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Here lives many Azerbaijanis, especially in Marneuli.

Samtskhe-Javakheti – the southern part of Georgia with the administrative center in Akhaltsikhe. This region of Georgia borders with Turkey and Armenia. Here lives lot of Armenians. Very interesting and old district. There are many attractions such as Monastery Sapara, monostyr Zarzma, cave town Vardzia, recently restored castle discount and many more famous castles.

Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti – the edge of western, which includes the eastern Black Sea coast and the southern Caucasus mountains hrebett. Mamegrelo-largest agricultural region in western Georgia. Local people – mostly Mingrelians representing the west, the most different from the main dialect of Georgian. The main town – Zugdidi. Here in Svaneti is the most highest mountainous town there are live peoples in Europe.
Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region, surrounded by mountains. Area inhabited since the early Stone Age. Here is the famous resort Shovi. Very beautiful flora and fauna.
Mtskheta-Mtianeti – Administrative Tsentoroi is – Mtskheta. There are many attractions that are worth to see: Shio-Mgvime, fortress Ananuri krepolst Sno, temple Svetitskhoveli Jvari and highest in Gergeti Trinity Church, museums.
Kakheti – was once an independent kingdom, and now the region with its capital in Telavi. A locality of wine. It grows about 500 varieties of grapes, but it is not only impressive, Kakheti, is one of the most historic and cultural sites in Georgia. There are such a temple as Alaverdi Ikalto Nekresi. Castle Grammy. City of Love – Sighnaghi. Monastery of St.. George Bodbe.

Imereti – capital of Kutaisi. This region is known for its pine forests. Here you can see many interesting places to enjoy – Bagrat Cathedral in Kutaisi, Gelati Monastery, a monastery Motsameta, Reserve – Sataplia, as well as many museums.
Guria – the smallest and most natural region of Georgia. By the Black Sea. Different from all the regions of the diversity of nature.