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Georgian wine and cousine

Georgia is a country of ancient history. It always was one of the cultural center of Caucasus. Georgia is rich not only with architecture and culture but also natural and domestic sites.

Georgian wine and viticulture dates back about 7000 years. In Georgia, near Anaklia grapes seeds- tsiptsa and different kind of vessels were found: Qvevri (earthenware vessels), pitchers, cups and ceramic vessels. After the spread of Christianity, wine gained even greater importance for Georgians. It should be noted that the only in Georgia The cult of vine-Cross is reserved. A few years ago, near Mtskheta the statue of Tamada (the head of Georgian feast) who held up horn vessel in his hand. The sculpture dates back of the first millennium BC, and the copy of the sculpture was placed in the old part of Tbilisi one.

The first statement about Georgian wine can be found in Greek, Persian and Georgian sources. Greek traveler and historian Xenophon (5th c BC.) called Colchian wine fragrant and pleasant, while Shah – Abbas (Iran shah in the 17th c.) took Georgian wine as a tribute and it was called in the palace as Eden liquid .

Georgian wine is one of the prayed thing. Georgia’s homeland, language, Christianity, grapes and wine are unified and indivisible. There were large cellars in the churches, for example, in Nekresi monastery, in Alaverdi, Gelati, Pitareti and other places, where large quantities of wine were produced. The enemy of Georgia always tried to break courageous of Georgian people by destroying Christianity and viticulture. It is well-known fact that the Mongol conqueror Temur-Lang cut down the vineyards in Kakheti. However, people could recover vine culture and received it as a great treasure through the generations.

We have great respect for the culture of the vine in Georgia. The annual event, Wine Festivals are held here where the wine from all parts of Georgia is presented. We have many traditional methods of wine making. The most famous region in making of wine is Kakheti, however, almost every part of Georgia has its own method.

Georgia’s wine-drinking culture associated with native Nadimi (Georgian Feast). Georgia is the oldest between those countries where wine and food are closely related to each other.

Georgian cuisine is very specific. In every corner you can discover a special dish which is characterized for only this region. Georgian dishes khachapuri, satsivi, Chakapuli, Mtsvadi, Khinkali, Elarji, Ghomi and many others have unforgettable and incomparable taste.

Ancient Sumerians said: Life is food, food is life, because sharing food means sharing lives. I will add the Georgian wine to this doctrine because the Georgian soul, Georgian wine and cuisine are unique and precious for every Georgian.