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Georgian Flora, Fauna

Georgia was selected among 200 eco-regions of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). With animals (fauna) it’s known mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

There are many types of animals, which are dominated by Europe, Central and South-West Asia.
Mountain areas of Georgia are characterized many species. However, some species may also occur in some areas. It is mainly excreted in the mountains of the eastern plains, and in the forests and alpine zone.

In western Georgia, almost no predators, such as wolves, jackals and lynxes. Rarely see the queen, Badger. Still there are deer, wild boar, bat, rabbit, Caucasian squirrel, marten, wild mouse.

West Georgia is also rich with birds. Colchis pheasant you will meet at the river Rioni and Inguri.
In Colchis widespread nutria, which is introduced from South America.
Georgia is a rich and diverse world of plants. Georgia has spread to almost every type of vegetation. Such wealth of flora caused by physical and geographical location. It has about 13,300 species.

Georgia has come a very long and interesting history of the flora. Flora was tropical and evergreen species. Gradually, with the freezing climate, subtropical and tropical plants have changed the nature of the climate.

Favorable natural conditions for the existence of the ancient flora of the Caucasus are preserved only in Colchis and Talysh (Azerbaijan). It was here that maintained relatively warm and humid climate, the – heat and moisture-loving plants.