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Geography of Georgia

Because of the convenient location and favorable natural resources, where the first Europeans settled is in Georgia.

Georgia is located in Europe’s and Aisha’s border, situated in the Caucasus. The territory is located between the Black and Caspian seas. The Caucasus mountain range divides the Northern and Southern Caucasus, Georgia is located in the South Caucasus. Much of the area has changed over time. Currently, the area of Georgia is ​​69.7 thousand km2. The land border length is 1660 km, on the Black Sea coast line length of 310 km – in total. In the south – east – Azerbaijan, south – Armenia and Turkey, west – the sea, the north is bordered by the Russian Federation. Coastal location of the world’s ocean, and, therefore, allows the connection from all continents.

Because of its geographical area traversed by the ancient highway – the Silk Road.

The variety of climate is found in the west – the wet and the eastern part of Georgia – a relatively dry climate. In mountainous areas, snow cover lasts for a few months, summer is cool and short. Georgia Bar in moderate winter, the warmest winters in the Black Sea near it, Snow rarely falls and melt quickly. Moderately hot summers. In Georgia, most precipitation falls in the Adjara  region, Iori upland to the south, the dry climate. Georgia is rich in its natural resources, rivers of the country’s energy sector – the main source of their electricity demand through the provision of a fully capable. In Georgia there are two thousand different kinds of mineral water, most of which have been studied most in the end.

Georgia is rich with trees – forest resources, which are used both for industrial and domestic purposes.

In Georgia also is possible to found protected areas, which is the best way to preserve flora and fauna.

The country is rich in both sea and mountain resorts, which gives visitors the opportunity to take a vacation in the summer and winter resorts.