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About Georgia

Georgia – Saqartvelo – is one of the most distinctive Countries in the world. All of Georgia and Georgia itself speaks about its extraordinary wealth: the geographic location, history, culture, traditions, archaeology, architecture, art, customs, legends … Georgia is located in the south-eastern Europe, on the Black Sea coast and occupies the central part of the Caucasus. To the north Georgia is bordered by Russia, to the east by Azerbaijan and to the south by Turkey and Armenia. Georgia is surrounded by mountains, the third part of which is covered with thick green forests. In the north of Georgia border with Russia is on the main ridge of the Caucasian mountains, where are the highest points of the country, the highest of them is Shkhara (5.068m). Georgia is the famous with its landscape: gentle green valleys, with dotted flowers fields, with fast clear rivers. Four Seasons fascinate its mysterious uniqueness of each region of Georgia. Georgia is famous with its resorts: Batumi, Tskhaltubo, Borjomi, Bakuriani, Gudauri, Sairme, Kobuleti, Mestia. The mineral springs of Georgia are known around the world: Sairme, Nabeglavi, Borjomi and Zvare are available in 25 countries of the world. The magnificence climate of Georgia was conquering with the most famous classics of Russian literature as Pushkin, Lermontov and Tolstoy. Georgia is a country with an unusual history and culture, is full of dependent and unique exotic and uniqueness, with its millennia, link by link as a priceless necklace was collecting and is stored long-suffering, but a kind, proud and independent nation of Georgia, attracted by its characteristic national dignity, which manifest them in all what regards to Georgia. And Georgia is …- One of the oldest Christian countries in the world (326 AD), in which tradition is never forgotten, hospitality is an integral feature of the nation of Georgia, a country in which people live harmoniously according to different nationalities and religions, it is a land of ancient temples and churches with unique architectural monuments (many owned by UNESCO), where live very religious people, who know how to love and respect as their own as foreign culture. Georgia impresses with its extraordinary tradition, known for its feasts, which governs the toastmaster “Tamada”. Georgia is known for the extraordinary culture of wine, dating from 5-7.000 millennia till the present day and has a unique way of producing wines from the best grapes, which is known around the world. Georgian dishes are famous for their unique taste, and under accompaniment Georgian songs and music, you will be able to appreciate the unforgettable taste of the most delicious dishes of Georgian cuisine.

Georgia is a country of the legendary Queen Tamar, sung by the world-famous 12th century poet Shota Rustaveli, in his poem “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, which came into the treasury of world literature, has its own written language, classical literature. Georgia is known with its classical music and performers and singers, opera and ballet.
My dear friends, I like a human, infinity in love with my beloved Georgia, I can continue my story endlessly! Is not it better to see it, to try it and to estimate yourself? On the ground of Iveria, you are waiting for the mountains of Prometheus, the path of the Argonauts, and perhaps … you can see the Golden Fleece with your own eyes … Who knows …