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About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan – it is a largest republic of the Caucasus. Azerbaijan – is located in Southwest Asia, between the Caucasus Range in the north and Karabakh Mountains and Talysh Mountains in the south. Azerbaijan is bounded by Russia to the north (Dagestan), Armenia and Georgia to the west, Iran to the south and Turkey to the north-west. In the east is washed by Kaspian Sea. Azerbaijan – is one of the richest countries of the former Union of its natural conditions: the bowels of earth contain valuable fossils such as oil and gas, copper ore, gold, and others.
But as in Azerbaijan as in all countries of Caucasus the main place takes the wealth, which is enclosed in natural heritage of Azerbaijanis – in their culture of hospitality, in their desire to express to all the visitors their special attention, by offering them to visit every corner of this wonderful land, which is included by the profound knowledge of history, from the end of Stone Age to the present day, once a part of the Great Roman Empire in the time of Alexander the Great.
In Azerbaijan you will visit the best hydropathical resorts, you will breathe an atmosphere of complacency and a favorable climate, visit the largest natural reserves, and please do not forget, that ahead you have an impression, full of emotion when you hear the singing of traditional Mugham, (which in 2003 was proclaimed as a folk heritage by UNESCO), you will be excited by the sad story of love, when you will be told the legend of the Maiden’s Tower and will bring you in the old times, visiting the Palace of Shirvan Khan, you will experience the call of the times of luxury, mixed by the various confusing feelings.
It attracts very much the coastline of the Caspian Sea in Baku.. oh.. And the smiles of encounter people, walking and enjoying the infinite horizon and mysterious aroma of the Caspian sea and.. coming from the coastal restaurants, that I feel like I will go straight in some of them and taste the famous dishes of Azerbaijan cuisine, by the way, my friends, it is a very very tasty a sense of exquisite fragrant lamb kebab, I can still fell it … and fish, … and kebab … and baklava and halva ???… This way, I will never stop..
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