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Culture Azerbaijan

Features of Culture of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is rich with history and culture.
The rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan takes pride place in the treasury of the world civilization, and many of them were included in the list of tangible and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.
Azerbaijan is a Muslim state.
Many scientists and geographies in their ancient scriptures described evergreen Azerbaijan as a country of diverse and beautiful natural environment and unique traditions of the people, some of which are survived until the present days.
Music in the life of Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan people have a lot of their musical instruments: Tarbes, Kamancha, Cas, Chang, Qanun, YR, Balaban, Tutek, Ney, Zurna, Hawaii, Nagara.
With so many of their own musical instruments it is not strange that in 2008 and 2009 mugam and  ashug music were made to the intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.


Azerbaijanis are well known for their art of carpet weaving.
Azerbaijan carpets are repeatedly awarded with the highest praise.
They are reflected in the classical literature, oral folklore, historical works and chronicles. In 2010, the art of weaving Azerbaijan carpets was listed by UNESCO as intangible heritage. In ancient times, carpets had  informational functions, they have been encrypted family history and important events of ancient times. Extraordinary beauty and the art of carpet-making is impossible to describe in words, it must be seen and touched.
Very famous is silk carpets.
In 1967 the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan decided to create the State Museum of Carpet. Today, the museum houses count the world’s richest collection of carpets. This fact was recognized by UNESCO.
The oldest exhibit is “Hunting rug” by Tabriz school is three hundred years old.


The traditional holiday dish – rice with meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Dolma-lamb and rice wrapped in grape leaves. The very popular and sweet Baklava. Much attention is paid to Azerbaijan tea.


– January 1, New Year’s
– January 20, Day of the victims of the totalitarian regime killed by the aggression of the Soviet military forces
– March 8, International Women’s Day
– March 21-22, Novruz
– May 9, Victory Day
– On May 28, the Day of the Republic
– June 15, the National Salvation Day of Azerbaijani people
– June 26, a National Army Day
– October 18, Day of State Independence
– November 12, Constitution Day
– On November 17, the Day of National Revival
– December 31, the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis
– Ramadan and Eid al Adha