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About Armenia

One of the oldest countries in the world Armenia – Ayastan (4,000 BC to 1,000 BC), is located in the north-eastern part of the ancient volcanic Armenian plateau, surrounded by the spurs of the Smaller Caucasus Mountains. Armenia is bordered by Georgia to the north, by Azerbaijan to the east, by Turkey to the west and by Iran to the south. Armenia is a member of more than 40 international organizations in the world. Armenia is a country with an amazing history, which is striking with its richness anyone who even accidentally collides with some source, manuscript, films or travel, and … suddenly it begins to recognize that Armenia is a direct descendant of legendary kingdom of Urartu (900 BC to 590 BC.) or kingdom of Ararat, stretches beyond today’s Turkey, where is situated a historical city of Erebuni Fortress.
Armenia adopted Christianity in 301 AD at the beginning of IV century, Armenia is a very long-suffering country that has managed to survive throughout history, to preserve, develop and save the historical heritage of outstanding architectural monuments from the prehistoric time till the present.

Armenia is a legendary country of Biblical Noah’s Ark and the legendary Mountain of Ararat.
Armenia has many UNESCO sites: such as Haghpat and Sanahin, the monastery complex Etchmiadzin.
In Armenia, there are archaeological excavations Zvartnots, the famous pagan temple of Garni, Gerhard, Noravank and many more …
Like Georgia, Armenia has its own written language, literature, famous for its classical music, ballet … Who are unfamiliar with the ballets “Gayane” and “Spartacus”? With famous Armenian hospitality, with the most delicious “Dolma”, and Basturma, Sudjukh and the most famous wedding ceremony?

And the most important: BRANDY! Have you ever tried the real Armenian cognac? Haven’t you? So what are you waiting for?
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