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About Us

“Caucasus holidays” – incoming tour operator in Caucasus is pleased to offer you unforgettable journey to the land of hospitality, beautiful countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Caucasus is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. Countries, where everyone can find something to his liking – from snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from deserts to lush forests, from cities to enchanting villages.

Travel to Caucasus!

Travel to Georgia – the land of Caucasus Mountains, where Prometheus had been chained, the goal of Jason’s Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece of Colchis, the cradle of wine, the homeland of first Europeans. Visit Tbilisi the city of Sun and lights and the warm springs.

Travel to Armenia – the beautiful country lying in the highlands surrounding the Biblical mountains of Ararat, upon which Noah’s Ark is said to have come to rest after the flood, the first country which adopted Christianity as its official religion in 301 AD., and of course the land of Famous brandy. Visit Yerevan the city of Jazz.

Travel to Azerbaijan – the land of fire, the country of ancient history and culture, where Europe and Asia meet, where different religions live together in peace for the centuries… Visit Baku – the Pearl of East. Welcome and have a nice visit to the unforgettable Old city and enjoy the divine flavors of aromatic local cuisine in many of oriental restaurants!

The cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity described by Demosthenes and Pliny in antiquity, continues to be a fact of life in the Caucasus. While traveling to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan you will meet different people, speaking on local dialects, see different architectural and cultural monuments, taste different local dishes and wines, but you will constantly feel the famous incredible warmth and hospitality, which already have become the stuff of stories and legends. You are not a traveller in Caucasus, but a special guest of beautiful Caucasus people.

“Caucasus Holidays” offers you different tours and holidays, cultural tours, extreme tours and adventure travel, family holidays and wine and gourmet tours. Alpine skiing, pristine mountain lakes, white-water rafting, and the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains juxtaposed with fertile plains are all available to the visitor.

“Caucasus Holidays” – your travel agent in Caucasus will arrange group travel or tailor-made tour for you and your friends and family. We provide tours to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Cultural tours to the most famous architectural sights of Caucasian countries, including Christian churches and monasteries in Georgia and Armenia and fire temples and mosques in Azerbaijan. Travel to Caucasus and feel the spirit of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Traveling with tour operator “Caucasus holiday” you will have chance not only to taste the famous Georgian dishes and wines, but also take part in preparing these dishes and making wine and “Chacha” in old traditional ways. Traveling with travel company “Caucasus Holidays” you will have opportunity to be the part of traditional Georgian “Supra” headed with “Tamada” and accompanied with famous Georgian folk dances and songs. Travel with tour operator “Caucasus holidays” and drink famous Armenian brandy in old Yerevan. Travel with tour operator “Caucasus Holidays” and taste the most delicious tea in Baku lying on a colorful carpet in a beautiful café. Travel with tour operator “Caucasus Holidays” and trek the famous Caucasian mountains, feel the untouched nature with the incredibly beautiful colors, fresh springs and innocent valleys, where you feel much closer to your own sole and spirit. Travel with tour operator “Caucasus Holidays” and you will have opportunity to stay overnight in Medieval castles and towers, in a highest settled villages in Europe with the population of few families where you will feel that you are the most important and beloved guest. Travel with your travel agency “Caucasus Holidays” and discover the spa resorts of Georgia, with natural springs and muds, magnetic sends and fresh and healthy air, places, which have been hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and become the part of the legends about amazing recovery.

And once again, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan – these countries are emerging as destinations and waiting to be discovered by the modern traveler, like you!

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